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Little Valley Adopt-a-Village is in it’s third year of operation and helping a third village in Uganda. This year we are helping Nasuti village where there are a high number of single mothers struggling to feed their families and youth who don’t have funds to stay in school.

Godfrey Buwemba, a resident of Kampala, is the director in Uganda who leads and implements each project. Since September 2019 we have funded a hair salon, water purification project, goat production, and sewing machines that are available for the community to use. Each project is on-going and allows the villagers to gain skills and make money.

Future plans for the year include school supplies, maize and cassava, beans, and potato farming, turkey production, bar soap making, and book making.

Our Vision

Self Sustaining Projects

  • All the projects are done in an empowering way, having the village people do the work. We are just helping to provide materials and some guidance.
  • They are self-sustainable projects that will continue to serve the community long after we get them going.
  • 100% of the money you donate goes directly to the project. Not one person receives any of that money for overhead or salaries.
  • 100% of the money you donate goes directly to the project. Not one person receives any of that money for overhead or salaries.
  • We will get to see very quickly the result of the donations. Join our facebook group!

Examples of Projects

  • A well or water purification system ($1200 US)
  • Building a piggery ($750 US)
  • Setting up women’s empowerment centers (varies)
  • Buying machinery for sewing sanitary kits for girls ($900)

How It Works


We are gathering a group of about 100 individuals/families that are “adopting” a village in Uganda. This is what we’re asking each family (like yours!) to:

  • Commit to 1 year of $10 – $40 dollars per month, depending on what you can do.
  • Share the impact with your family and friends.


At the bottom of this page is where you can set up an automatic donation. It will come out of your account every month, and although we hope you will commit for a year, if you need to cancel, you can at any time. It is all donated via Global LifeVision (a 501c3 non-profit) so it is all tax-deductible. Ann Webb with Global LifeVision will transfer all of it to her African Coach’s bank account (her Humanitarian on site). Then that person in Uganda will see that the project gets done and report back to us. We will have a running spreadsheet of the income and expenses, reports on the projects as well as pictures to help us get to know the village.

Check out the FB page

Let's help a village!

One-time donation?

You can always make a one-time donation instead of a monthly donation. PayPal [email protected], or email to make arrangements to use a credit card.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sage Gallagher at [email protected] (St. George director) or Ann Webb at [email protected] (director of Global LifeVision). We’d be honored to have you join us.


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