Life of a Maasai Warrior by Dalton Letura

LIFE OF A MAASAI WARRIOR Kenya’s Maasai tribe has become an icon for the richness and diversity of our country’s culture, a people whose traditions, beliefs and routines have changed little since the dawn of our history. The way we live now, even as so much is changing around us,

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Global LifeVision goes to Rwanda

RWANDA EXPEDITION EXPERIENCE By-Yakalemye John Rwanda is the smallest country in East Africa. It is commonly known for being a country of a Thousand Hills and the 1,000,000 people who succumbed to death during the infamous 1994 Rwandan genocide. The ethnic cleansing was between the Tutsi and the moderate Hutu

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The Poultry Project – Women’s Empowerment

New Hope Women Empowerment Center is a group formed by women whose main aim to empower women to be self reliant and financially productive. This poultry farm will enhance women’s’ ability to financially sustain their lives, children, family and the community at large.   The business venture targets 30 women. It

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Goats for families

We are trying to raise money for 10 goats in Uganda to deliver during our Global LifeVision expedition in November.  Each goat costs $65 and will supply a family with milk for their children.  For the poorest of the poor, a goat is a valuable asset that provides the much

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Poverty & Ignorance are our Genetic & Chronic Disease? By Wambi Emma

In Uganda, there is a common saying, “obwavu n’ obutamana be endwaire ya Busoga obutawawawo” meaning ” Poverty and ignorance are our genetic and chronic disease.” The phrase holds water in the aspect of individual’s crippled mindset. Persons with such kind of mentality have settled for the status quo of

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Godfrey Buwemba

I thank God for ILV, it is continuously changing my life, my house was at a standstill but now it’s being constructed to another level every month. I have learned some skills of how to handle and manage people every time when I move with other coaches. I have got

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Meet Ben Mayianda

Ideal life vision has transformed me from nothing to somebody. From a drunkard for over 30 years to know a mentor and life coach. From poor to now a business owner (screen printing) and a respected researcher. The program has helped me meet and making important friends who add value to my life.

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