The Poultry Project – Women’s Empowerment

New Hope Women Empowerment Center is a group formed by women whose main aim to empower women to be self reliant and financially productive.

This poultry farm will enhance women’s’ ability to financially sustain their lives, children, family and the community at large.   The business venture targets 30 women.

It was created as a result of the outcry of the community due to poor living conditions of its members, having single meals, not affording paying school fees for their children, not valuing the girl child and women at large that they are less important as far as community development is concerned that they are incapable and useless. (Trying to change this)

However the group has not been able to run or support its activities due to lack of funds.

To empower grass root members economically, physically, spiritually, mentorly and socially for self reliance.


  • To educate and communicate on healthy matters.
  • To sensitize the community of the good of acquiring education especially girl child education ie educate the girl child, educate the nation.
  • To reduce ignorance and poverty by introducing new technology, empowering of social, economic conditions by boosting up poultry rearing, piggery, and dairy production. This is aimed at increasing their yields for both subsistence and commercial practices.
  • To achieve the aims of this project, we planned that 200 [two hundred] mature birds are to be bought from already established farms and reared as a group.
  • We preferred buying mature birds for reason that as soon as they at the project site , they begin to lay eggs immediately, hatch and we shall be in position to get a big number of new stock of chicks every after 3-4 months period.
  • On average if 150 hens hatch 15 eggs per breeding it will bring 2,250 chicks just in a single breeding/litter. The first breeding/litter of chicks will be reared to maturity at the project site and then added to the breeding stock of the project. The rest of the following new chicks will be sold off for women income to their families and some to be distributed to individual members of the group who shall be having their poultry shelters completed.

Donations being accepted at Uganda Expedition Projects Page

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