Goats for families

We are trying to raise money for 10 goats in Uganda to deliver during our Global LifeVision expedition in November.  Each goat costs $65 and will supply a family with milk for their children.  For the poorest of the poor, a goat is a valuable asset that provides the much needed milk for the young children in the family.  Many times this is the difference between “feed” and “hunger”.

This is one of the self-sustaining projects we do at Global LifeVision.  Goats don’t need much in terms of care or “feed”.  They eat the grasses around the home so there is no cost.

Please consider helping a family.  We will take a picture of YOUR GOAT.  Simply go to our Uganda Project page and put in $65 as the amount and in the NOTE, tell us who referred you so we can get the photo to you!

Uganda Expedition Projects


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