Global LifeVision goes to Rwanda


By-Yakalemye John

Rwanda is the smallest country in East Africa. It is commonly known for being a country of a Thousand Hills and the 1,000,000 people who succumbed to death during the infamous 1994 Rwandan genocide. The ethnic cleansing was between the Tutsi and the moderate Hutu Ethnicity. Many lives were lost and property damaged by the devastating genocide.

Unfortunately, one of the district residents to date still experience the adverse effects. The majority of the Rutoma villagers in Rwamagana district still do not own houses due to that history. The housing situation has exposed them to communicable diseases. Unfortunately, the government has abandoned and forgotten about their plight. The villagers are in abject poverty, which has made it impossible for people to help themselves out of the ugly housing situation.

Light shone to this village in late October 2017 as global LifeVision organized an expedition in which the American team of four people consisting of Ann Webb, Sarah Marsing, Jamie and Scott Webb participated in the building of a house for one of the windows. This was more than a shred of tenderness from the American philanthropists who gave the widow a home to rest her head together with her family. You can imagine a suddenly changed life from sleeping in the open for about five years after the loss of her husband due to an instant headache.

The good news is that the house was built for her. I smile with unstoppable joy when I remember how Sarah Marsing Franklin carried a sack full of soil to level the widow of the newly built house. I had been stereotypical that she will not manage.
Scott carried many of these sacks filling two big rooms. Scott was terrific in the construction of the house. Jamie was up to the roof painting in the traditional style of the Rwandan women. Ann became my heroin that day when she mixed the local painting materials with the local women. The American team-taught me the real meaning of LOVE.

I might not have lived long to say, but one thing is for sure; I have not met any group in the world who could travel for hours just to put a smile to the stranger’s heart. Every day, I remember the selfless lesson taught by the American team and have learned that real richness lies in transforming lives across the globe. Puting a roof on a widow’s head with eight children made me feel like I achieved my whole life paramount goal. The American team together with the villagers and local leaders gave out eight Goats to eight families. This made me feel like I beautifully added value to a life. I still remember the incredible smiles of the women who received the Goats. The smiles on those faces spoke a change in the villagers’ lives. A shift from impoverishment to prosperity.

My words cannot convey enough how vital this expedition was to the lives of many people in Rutoma village Rwanda. I am overwhelmed by joy for how we successfully put smiles on the sad faces of widows in this village.

Goat giving was to empower these women financially. Giving hope to these widows increased my love to serve even more. In Rwanda, a goat is a valuable property. Global LifeVision did the giveaway of these goats successfully. The American team was so hard working, great team players; they freely intermingled with the local people having a great chemistry you would conclude they were born here. The team was so loving and cooperative in all the activities done. My Love to work with them grew even more.

I was honored to be part of both expeditions Rwanda and Uganda.
While I led the Rwandan expedition, I learned that doing humanitarian projects within a close range to where American team slept made work easy and timesaving. It also makes project coordination around the village very easy for the Africa Ideal LifeVision coaches. I consider this very important for an expedition to be less affected by traffic fatigue for the team and long driving distances.

To the American team who participated in the Rwandan expedition, I will say a job well done and looking forward to even seeing more safaris to Africa soon.

Yakalemye John
Coach Ideal LifeVision.
[email protected]

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